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The Patient Process of Finding a Dentist

1. Ask Friends/Family Members

2. Conduct An Online Search

3. Check Your Website & Reviews

4. Call The Office To Ask Questions

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Have you created a local marketing strategy for your dental practice? Do you have a specialty niche within your dental practice that separates you from other dentists in your local area? Marketing is about telling a story. What’s your story? What are the features and benefits of your dental practice. If you don’t know your story, we can HELP you

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Marketing & Branding Strategy

Patient acquisition and retention is crucial for a new or existing dental practice. It’s getting harder for a local dentist to stand out in their local area. However with the right local marketing strategies you can ensure your dental practice is abundantly rewarded in your local area.

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Logo & Collateral Development

A logo isn’t just for brand awareness Did you know 61% of people say they are more likely to use a place of business from a brand that provides information. When you successful provide your patient with information in a professional presentation, you will stand out

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Dental Website Development

Your dental website should be designed according to your mission statement, not by cookie cutter templates. You should have a dental website that represents your clear purpose that patients can immediately notice. We create dental websites based on your vision

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Local Citation

77% of patients search online before making an appointment. That’s why maintaining correct information on your practice is absolutely vital. Inconsistent business location information across search engines, directories and maps can compromise your practice.

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Social Marketing

Engaging your patients via social media is a great way to build influencers for your dental practice. Remember the best Free marketing tool is a happy patient who uses social media and has an audience that you can use to spread your message to generate new patients

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Video Marketing

A must-have for your dental practice is a dental marketing video, that has impactful content, a call to action message and its short form. And it should not be costly. We produce short form dental marketing videos that informs your patient and creates brand awareness.

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All Marketing Is Not Created Equally

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A logo should represent your mission and goal. We design logos based on your mission. Your dental practice not only needs a logo but also a creative identity package that gives your practice. appeal, energy and expertise. How you present information to your patients will make a determination on if they want your dental services or that treatment plan.

Your logo, stationary, business card and collateral marketing materials are a visual representation of what your dental practice stands for

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A direct mail campaign is a easy cost-effective advertising platform that if used correctly can generate awareness for your dental practice and create new patients in your local community. It requires patience and continued implementation of various offers and uniqueness. You must decide which style you to use to reach residents in your local area, which will also be determine by your budget.

Remember the four areas you want to convene in a direct mail piece and campaign is, generate awareness for your practice, engage the community about your dental practice, show your dental expertise and show the community how easily they can contact you for an appointment.

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As a dental professional who’s always improving their skills and equipment, if you don’t update your website to promote your new skills and technology it can be a lost to the growth. or your dental practice. We create customize websites that identifies with your dental practice. After we design and build the site, you own it and we teach you to update and maintain the website.

Whyrent a site or purchase a template site your competitors have, Standout from your fellow dentists with your own local optimize professional website that can grow with your dental practice and save your money

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A short video of your dental practice can be incredibly effective at creating awareness for your dental practice and getting patients to schedule appointments. Developing short featured videos of yourdental practice highlighting your dental skills is valuable to the branding of your dental practice.

As a smart dental practice owner you realize that a website or doing no marketing is not enough. traditional forms of marketing will not reach your target audience.

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The Right Local Marketing Tips Can Provide Your Dental Practice With Abundant Growth.

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Turn Your Dental Patients Into Brand Ambassadors

It’s important that you manage your brand and reputation online and offline. Your best and biggest advertiser for your dental practice are your patients. Their voice is an important factor in generating advertising for your dental practice. Think about this, the average Facebook user has over 150 friends, now multiple that by 2. Get the picture, When you engage your patients online and offline that engagement creates ambassadors for your dental practice. Your goal as a local dental practice is to establish a footprint and it all starts with engaging your patients. Try this Tip, the next time you have a major dental case that requires extractions, injections or pain meds, give your patients a courtesy call later that evening. Ask them how are they doing, that 2 minute phone call will make that patient feel special and appreciated. You have now created a brand ambassador for your dental practice. They may be in pain, however they will remember your phone call and tell their friends and family members about your compassion for their well being. Now, ask that patient to write a review for your dental practice

Improve Your Dental Practice Local Visitability Online

Go online and type in your dental practice name and your city, (XYZ Dental) (City, State) and see what comes up. If you see several differently listings, that’s good. However you want to make sure your NAP ( Name, Address & Phone) is consistent across all sites, especially on the major directory sites, Yelp, Google+ (map results), Bing Local (maps), and Healthgrades. This can be a tedious tasks, however if you take the time to update your listings, it will help improve your online local visibility and save yourself a lot of money by doing it yourself. Updating and claiming your business listing is FREE on these directories. There’s no need to pay a service to monitor your dental practice business listing, unless you want to enhance your online presence. Correcting your local listings will position you to be found online by patients searching locally and it will allow the search engines to target your business location and website. Just having a website will not get you found online these days. You must claim and update your local citations. Most basic listing will allow you to add photos and a website link.

Which Social Media Platform For My Dental Practice

If you don’t have a Facebook Business Page get one. Add your business capabilities and core services segments that you want to generate awareness for. If you never had an open house for your practice, Create an event and share invites with your followers. Tip, the best time to post on Facebook is Sat – Sun between 12p – 1pm, Thurs – Fri 1p-4p, Wed @ 3pm

If you are not using Instagram you need to start. Millennials spend 3 hours per day on this platform. Here’s how to use instagram, share photos or videos with catchy informative info that can be shared. Create catchy #hashtags around your dentistry work, #BadTeethTueday, #SexySmileFriday, keep it fun, informative and concise. Skip the dental script and tell your story with benefits about your dental work, “I replaced this patients front teeth with implants, and they are Elated!!!”.  The best time to engagement with instagram is Mon – Thur, anytime before 3p and after 4p